K.F.C is an abbreviation that stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken. K.F.C is a restaurant that started in the U.S in at Kentucky and later on spread and expanded and was started in other countries. K.F.C deals with fast foods. The major product that is dealt with at K.F.C is fried chicken. The founder of K.FC was Harland Sanders. Harland Sander’s motivation and inspiration for K.F.C was the fact that he previously had been selling friend chicken to people in a restaurant and he thus thought that K.F.C would be a great idea. Harland had been operating the roadside chicken restaurant at the time when states were experiencing depression in the economy. By the end of the year 2013, K.F.C had branches and outlets in 118 nations in the world. This was a major achievement and represents the tremendous growth of K.F.C since it started operations in the year 1952.

K.F.C in the United States

Harland Sanders, the founder of K.F.C, will be forever remembered for his great idea of coming up with K.F.C. The operations and sales of K.F.C chicken products increased in the United States over the years. K.F.C was initially in the U.S only, from where it expanded to other countries. It reaped a lot of benefits to the people and the economy of the United States. K.F.C is a major source of employment for the people working there and is also a major contributor to the economy. K.F.C, however, was sold and a group of investors was able to purchase it in 1964. Expansion of K.F.C was rapid and fast. The group of investors had good and effective management that facilitated the expansion of K.F.C and its operations to other countries. Renovations and changes have been part of K.F.C as a process of its growth.

Expansion of K.F.C

Expansion of K.F.C was rapid, quick and fast. In Asia, the fist branch of K.F.C was in 1973 in Malaysia. K.F.C today has approximately 579 branches. There are 25 branches of K.F.C in Sri Lanka. In Asia, K.F.C also has outlets in Singer pole and Baghdad. In China, the K.F.C restaurant is the largest in the nation. All K.F.C branches in China are approximately 4,562. In Africa, there are plans to expand K.F.C restaurants. Currently, there are 70 K.F.A restaurants in Africa. Europe has around 784 branches whereas Japans market for K.F.C has 1,200 branches. K.F.A still has outlets in India and Indonesia.

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