Money Laundering

Money laundering is a complex money scheme used to hide or disguise dirty money. Money that was acquired illegally and passed through other accounts may be a form of laundering. Many people who try to evade income taxes commit money laundering. The money may have been obtained illegally but along the way so many transactions took place to try and hide where the funds originally came from. In some cases people are able to do this for years thanks to loopholes in government regulations when using offshore accounts. Money laundering is one reason why US banks enforce additional regulations that include collecting information from people that make large deposits into their accounts.

The launderer or the person committing the crime may start off with a sum of money that came from committing a n illegal act or crime. Upon receiving the money they plan to make several transactions that make the funds changes hands or accounts. The launderer does this to try and through off anyone who may try to track where the funds original came from. The launderer then returns the money to where it originally came from, or they may decide to continue the process and find what is called a holding or shell company. Even off shore accounts could be used at this point to hide the funds.

With a holding company it acts as a shield or way to protect the funds. The company may hold them until the launderer is ready to forward or move them to another account. This may vary depending on the launderer. Some use small businesses to hold their funds but in some cases the business may not realize they are being used in this way. The launderer may create their holding company. This means the company may look legitimate to others but in reality it is being used to hold illegal funds.

The good news is there are more ways federal agencies are able to track money laundering activity. They are able to trace funds from one country to another. But often so much damage has been done it can be hard to track completely. Meaning, the party who owned the money originally may not be able to get all of their funds back. The launder may use a number of accounts and businesses to hold and hide the money. This means the stolen funds could be passed through multiple routes in order to reach one or more accounts.

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