Government Leaders

If you consider the run up to any election, there needs to be a vast amount of input into the campaign, which ultimately is all about 'Vote for me! I will make things right again'. A campaign can produce and amazing amount of 'hype and spin', and as Abe says, you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

Prior to being elected into government, (and it does not matter if it is local or federal government), a politician will promise the electorate positive changes. These changes are usually ones that are the most needed and may actually require a lot of financing. If it was simple the person who was presently in post would have been able to sort it. Campaigning obviously requires an awful lot of blaming, particularly if it is regarding blaming another political party. Have you also noted how different political parties are just really re jigging what is already on offer by the opposing party?

It is often a very interesting thought to consider what changes a politician must go through to turn into a government leader. Government leaders need to also remember that it was the people who by voting for them that have allowed them to become the voice and representation of the people. In other words they should not just be working policies for their own benefits. Have you also noted how as soon as a politician is elected into post that they become less accessible to the people that have elected them?

Another interesting concept is that when elected into government, a politician usually has some specialist knowledge or experience in particular areas such as Health or Education. When being given particular areas to cover such as the Education Secretary (or Secretary of State for Education), do they actually have grass roots experience or interest in the area? Do they actually know what facilities and support are available for children who have Special Education Need or even Gifted Children. Perhaps it is all learned by looking at a balance sheet that someone else has prepared. And as we know Statistics can often be untrue and fabricated. Perhaps there needs to be another level of bureaucracy in order to check out the statistics.

As Abraham Lincoln said, you cannot fool everyone all of the time.

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