How The Development Of The Web And Internet Has Impacted Global Finances?

Since Globalization, not only have barriers to employment in other countries broken down through access to the World Wide Web and the Internet but it has also impacted Global Finances. Throughout the ages, technology has always had an impact on financial markets whether they are local to one country or internationally. The technologies may not be as far reaching and high tech as they are in today’s markets but they still they have had major impacts.

If you consider the impact of the Telegraph on financial markets, which at the time it was considered to be ‘high tech’, all of a sudden markets in different countries could ‘talk’ to each other and trade. Prior to the Telegraph, there would have been several independent markets within one country. Although they could talk to each other, any dealings and financial exchanges took time to agree to and complete. It makes sense that one a new technology came along that allowed independent markets to talk to each other within one country, they could then reach out to other countries and liaise with their financial markets. Prior to the Telegraph, financial markets within a country were equal, but once they started using the Telegraph it resulted in one market gaining superiority.

More recently the impact of the Web on Global Finances has led to a use of a common set of formulae for pricing options and trading between markets. This influence continues to develop. Information about financial markets continues in current or continual information that is based on currency exchange rates; financial transactions (including property purchases, multi-million company purchases, bonds and cash) that are all recorded digitally.

Information is not just about the actual transactions, but about the analysis of the transactions. This type of analysis, can look at not just the amount of monies and finances that are exchanging hands but more importantly, at the flow of commodities and make projections for future financial movement within and between countries. This information has helped with the chart that helps look at the global free market system and how countries relate to each other in free economies.

The impact of the Web and the Internet have general y had a good impact on Global Finances, as well as the impact within countries, counties and locally, especially when comparisons can be made between government spending between two areas, perhaps looking at sharing of resources in order to make budgets go further.

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