The Impact Of The Internet On The Consumption And Distribution Of Popular Music

The internet refers to an enormous network that connects computers globally to enable sharing of information. The internet encompasses networks that are owned by the government, institutions or privately owned. The internet contains a broad range of information that is available over the networks depending on the level of security or permission. The internet is used by different people, institutions, organisations and governments for research, business, entertainment, media channel and advertisements. The uses of the internet go beyond geographic borders and demographic differences. The internet is available to all as long as you have a connectable device and a network.

The internet has revolutionised communications and the way people conduct businesses like never before. All the information you require over the internet is available in a blink of an eye with the available of the network. In the recent days, Internet has impacted the consumption and distribution of popular music either positively or negatively. The availability of online packages like the YouTube has significantly influenced the music industry. As compared to the era whereby music was only available on discs and tapes, in the world exposed to the internet music is available in soft copies over the internet. People can access, download, save and watch the music right from their homes without having to bear the cost to purchase tapes and discs.

Positive impact of the internet on the consumption and distribution of popular music

The internet is the backbone through which upcoming artists who are not assigned to a recognised label can gain a global audience. The music has undergone a transition period for the last three decades since the introduction of the internet into the world. The music industry has to adjust to keep with the rapid changes brought about by the internet. Independent artists perceive Internet as their best friend. This is so because the internet is a worldwide communication and sharing channel through which people connect and share files including the music. Independent artists through the internet gain their audience without the backing up of recognised music labels. This implies that the artists get to market and sell their music online without the help of recognised music industries.

Negative impact of the internet on the consumption and distribution of popular music

Making money for popular musicians through their music is becoming difficult in the internet era. Online piracy and online music streaming are a major concern for most musicians. People download music for free from the internet without paying the royalties associated with a particular musician. Piracy leads to loss of a great deal of income to all musicians worldwide.

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