Gifted African Americans: How Self Efficacy and Familial Support Impact Outcomes

The act of believing in yourself is important, but when you’re a gifted individual it is even more important to have family members believe in your goals. Gifted African Americans, children in particular, are rising in numbers and they are being offered more resources to further encourage self-growth. Being a gifted individual is an unusual gift in itself, but it is important to believe in yourself and have support of those you care about to ensure your potential is fully explored.

Self-efficacy is the ability to believe in personal capabilities in order to achieve the outcome you want. This includes aspects of personal feelings and behaviors that impact how a person lives each day. When you believe in yourself when it comes to reaching goals you are more likely to reach them. Gifted individuals may have the intellect, talent and unique ability to see things differently that will benefit them in the long run. But for African Americans who are gifted, this aspect may be tested when avenues and resources are limited to their specific needs. More people in this situation will need to work harder and push forward to get the help they need to see their true potential grow further.

Familial support is another important player in achieving the outcome you want. Gifted individuals with supportive families have emotional and mental support. They have people in their corner that have been there for them through the years. They see the growth in the gifted person and know how special they are to their families. Families will do what is necessary to ensure their gifted loved on receives the support necessary to develop their abilities and true potential. This is a fortunate element to have when seeking goals and dreams that seem impossible. But, even gifted individuals without familial support have found their way.

Self-efficacy and familial support can work hand-in-hand when reaching goals and obtaining the favorable outcome a gifted person is seeking. In some cases these elements are all you need to see your goals materialize. Believing in your capabilities with an extra push from your family can help you see the reality of the situation you are in. Gifted African Americans have unique opportunities that are growing by the numbers. They need to stay strong in believing their talents and abilities are worthy of reaching new heights beyond their intended outcomes.

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