Robert Frost And Shakespeare

The poem is an Art that has been used widely to explore the human existence. It is deep involved and many times it is not understood by the readers. Most poems by prolific composers like Robert Frost and Shakespeare that were written long ago have turned lines that make them difficult to comprehend. However, poems are literature that has been used by man in different ways to express their feeling and educate. These two masters of poetry; Robert Frost and Shakespeare were mainly dedicated to dealing with issues of human existence and were thus remembered for their contributions to life through their great literature works. While comparing the works of these two poets, you will not be done until you have looked into Shakespeare’s Sonnet No. 30 and On a Tree Fallen Across the Road by Frost. They have used metaphysical and existentialist themes widely in these works.

On a Tree Fallen Across The Road

Frost uses travellers who had to abandon their journey after they found a fallen tree that closed the path they were using. In the poem, he uses “Our journey.” If you take the time to understand the poem and look for the deeper meaning, you will get that the journey he talks about is the journey of life. HE talks about his life and the challenges that he had to overcome. He compares himself with the travellers whose travel is stopped by a fallen tree across the path. In life, we must face many distractions, hurdles, challenges and discouragement. However, he believes that every individual has a chance and ability in life to succeed and achieve their goals. He says that people should not be put on reaching for their dream; they have it hidden inside them. To achieve these objectives, you have to set goals that will keep you on the journey of life.

Sonnet No. Thirty

Shakespeare is metaphysical in his work. He talks about the final stop on our earthly journey. This was when he remembered the past and he came across some memories about his friend. The persona has to stop things in his life and mourn the fallen friend. This is a pause that is a problem as described by Frost. The two poets have thus dealt with the journey of life in different ways in their poem. They both dress that you have to face challenge sin life. However, this should not be the end of the bigger picture that is attaining your goals before your journey has its final stop at death.

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