Coca Cola Challenges in Global Business Environment

Coca Cola challenges in today’s global business environment vary at different levels. The company is known for providing beverage products people of all ages have enjoyed for decades. Yet, as Coca Cola continues to maintain a strong presence in the market place, the company has faced criticism in how they produce their products and negative health impact. The company has made some changes to address related concerns. Business analysts and consumers each have their own issues with how the company views business ethics inside and outside of the organization.

The company has faced international criticism on how they operate their facilities. For instance, there have been reports of the company using a questionable water supply for their beverages. The company claims to use processes environmentally-friendly while environmentalists say otherwise. Some countries have issues with how much water is being used. There are areas dealing with drought and they feel the water supply could be put to better usage. Others think the water used to make beverages is not safe to drink. Related controversies seem to pop up in multiple areas around the world with focus groups and grassroots organizations boycotting the company because of their beliefs.

The company has been questioned about how they market their products to consumers. Millions of dollars has gone into advertising campaigns around the world to promote their products. Celebrities are paid a fine penny to make their products look desirable. Yet, the product itself has been downplayed as an unhealthy food due to potential health risks. As more people learn about the company, its products and work environment, it raises questions as to how these elements make or break revenues annually. It takes money to make money, but even though this company had issues in the past with raising profits, they still seem to rake in millions each year despite their troubles.

How does a company continue to thrive in a global economy with so many accusations of wrong doing and other controversies? Many people wonder if the company has stayed true to changes made and improvements they claim they want to materialize. There are parts of the world either banning or considering a ban on Coca Cola products. But because so many of these controversies have gone unnoticed until recent years, it may be more difficult for the company to improve its image with the public.

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