Race And Religion’s Affects On Attitudes Towards Abortion

Abortion has been a subject of much unrest in the U.S. even before it was legalized back in the 1970s. Does one’s attitude differ towards abortion based on race and religion? Can a religion affect how something is perceived? To answer these questions a demonstration of the general consensus regarding the topic will be investigated. Race and religion will either have a positive or negative affect on an individual regarding abortion. A study was done back in 2009 concerning two races’ outlook on abortion. The study showed how both white men and black men are largely against abortion, with the black men being the stronger of the two groups. White and black women are more in favor of abortion, with black women being the larger group. The study was compared to a survey that had been done back in the 1980s, where whites were more supportive of abortion than blacks. This shift from the black people being opposed to being in favor of abortion, comes from such companies like Planned Parenthood deliberately targeting black woman and pressuring this into supporting ending human life prematurely. Not every man or woman is going to support or be against abortion simply because of a survey that says who is for what, since there are men who do support abortion and there are women who do not. What is largely not mentioned is that most women are tricked into agreeing that abortion should be supported because it gives women a choice, it is their right, the consequences for extinguishing that tiny heartbeat, however, are glossed over.

There are many religions in the world, but one in particular has stood out the most in regards to abortion. The Roman Catholic Church has condemned abortion right from the start, citing that aborting an unborn baby is the equivalent of murdering a human child or adult in cold blood. This censure against the killing of infants, whether in the womb or not, stems from the ancient times when the sacrificing of human babies to pagan gods was a common practice among some cultures. Similar to a child rebelling against a parent just because he or she was told not to do something, there will be those individuals who will turn from their religion’s condemnation against abortion and use whatever excuse they need to justify the act in order to abort the unborn child they carry. Therefore, race and religion can affect a person’s attitude towards abortion. This affect will not always be positive or negative in the terms of supporting the termination of unborn babies. Sometimes a person will be swayed to support abortion simple because she or he wants to fit in with their group, or support the much bandied about ‘women’s rights’. Religion will have a more negative affect in that a faith that is against abortion will not support it, and in addition neither will the larger group of that religion’s members.

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