The impact of previous terrorist activity On Airlines

Air travel started in the 2nd Decade of the previous Century. Early air travel was all about luxury and speed did not matter as it was already much faster than other modes of travelling. Air travel became much faster and more secure with the passage of time. The time of 60s and 70s was a golden period in air travel where large jet airliners appeared and the image of a Boeing 747 “Jumbo Jet” became a symbol of modern travel. Air travel had its accidents but terrorist attacks were never an issue in the old times. The Palestinian terrorists were the first to realize that civilian airliners presented an excellent opportunity for terrorist incursions. They hijacked planes and attacked airline counters in the 1980s. This gave rise to the modern terrorism activities which are performed with careful planning and speedy executions by terrorists. It is however clear that the most major impact in this regard has been created by the attacks of 9/11 on the American cities of New York and Washington D.C. These attacks have really changed the nature of terrorist activities regarding airlines and have created a new danger which was not present in the old days.

There has been a greave impact on all airlines around the world after the events of 9/11. Air travel really took a beating as most people who familiarly used air travel as their main mode of transport really switched off and airlines faced a huge shortage of passengers. The governments around the world also got serious and very strict legislations have now been in place for air travel industry that has also produced a negative impact on airlines around the world. The airlines of the West have really suffered due to these sanctions and security related issues because their hub cities are identified as possible targets for terrorists to attack.

The impact of airlines has also been of a positive nature. Previously, airlines were pretty negligent in following regulations and gave little care to the safety of their passengers and air crew. The aircrafts that they operated seldom had easy opportunities of the terrorists. The 9/11 attacks proved to be a wakeup call and airlines beefed up their security measures and standards according to their true needs. It is now difficult to travel on falsified or missing documents. The records of the passengers are maintained properly by airlines and they are always weary of identifying future threats by themselves to avoid a catastrophic event such as that of terrorist attack.

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