Software Reuse

The idea of software reuse has been considered for a while. It just seems that there are technical issues concerning software reuse that have not been remedied. It seems like software developers will need to add reuse compatibility system at the inception of the software development, not when reuse is being considered. This looks to be the biggest issue. A reuse software component would have to reside in the software for reuse to happen.

Software developers must do this daily with each piece that make. Additionally, there must be a focus on technical and nontechnical aspects of development. And if this is possible, the cost savings will be noticeable. The applications developed and used would need to be founded on reusable software middleware. Middleware is software that lives on a spot between hardware, network stacks, operating systems and actual applications.

Computing experts feel that software has not happened due to five reasons:

  1. Political roadblocks: At this time the groups of developers who make and reuse software are considered an outlier group. Many developers do not like the idea that some control is being taken from them with reuses. This is a very competitive field that does not trust much of anyone.
  2. Psychological roadblocks: Some people simply do not like the idea of reusing much of anything. Using software seems like a second hand fix to many.
  3. Economic roadblocks: To add the reuse component from the beginning of the development will require an additional cost. This cost would be regrouped, but would still need to exist from the beginning.
  4. Organizational roadblocks: While the idea sounds easy, it is not. Much thought, experiments, and development trials will need to take place before a working plan can be formed and instituted.
  5. Administrative roadblocks: T list, archive, and then locate reusable software will require a system strong on organization.

Systems such as .NET, J2EE, UML, patterns, TAO, and COBRA show that the middleware group is strong and are looking toward the idea of reuse. The research and the trials are happening. This is simply not a plan tat will be found worldwide in every systems overnight. There is much to be done before that can happen. But the future does look bright for computer software reuse! You must remember that the field is fluid and updates and new developments happen daily. Software reuse is just down the road worldwide.

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